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Phoenix Integrated Health's mission is to find solutions to the increasing in ADDICTION AND MENTAL HEALTH crisis nationwide. As you know, Ohio has been hard hit with this epidemic. The public only knows what they see on the news, but the bigger picture is the deep-rooted issues of the epidemic itself. The solution begins with communities understanding what addiction truly is. The path of recovery for addicts starts with a stable community/family support system. We cannot attack this problem solely with medication, if a recovery plan is not in place. When I say recovery plan, I mean job placement, vocational training, A continuum of care, integrated care, shelter, housing, sobering livings and rebuilding of broken families, etc.

How do we help address this crucial issue in our healthcare system?

While the problem is an incredibly complex one, one potential piece of the puzzle could be to start more widely applying telemedicine to the ADDICTION AND MENTAL HEALTH treatment field.  Telehealth has the potential to increase patients' access to support services at the times they need it the most and without the potential barriers of having to travel to see a healthcare provider or counselor.

In a care field where frequent check-ins and a strong patient-provider relationship could save a life, telehealth has a huge potential to make a difference.

Much of the problem begins in rural areas, due to the demographic tied in with the limited resources, and unfortunately, there are not many treatment professionals available there. We do not want to come to your county as another treatment center. We want to be a part of the solution to add to the resources you have and help create new ones.

 We are in the process of starting a telemedicine program.   It would allow us to do counseling and physician visits from a remote location with the patient through a video chatting platform. It would also be HIPPA compliant through documentation and the video.

 Treatment for addiction in an outpatient setting is very difficult.  The key to the entire program is the patient getting the appropriate amount and level of counseling for patient success.   We have found patients get much better with weekly counseling, but they all seem to have difficulty with transportation as well as access to a treatment center in general. The telemedicine platform is a small piece of the greater solution we can find together.

 We have many doctors and counselors who are willing to help, and we would like to sit down with you to discuss your concerns so that we may find a suitable solution together.


We are looking for partners to connect services with Communities and hospital groups to help with the gap in services using Telemedicine.

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