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Suboxone Opioid Treatment

Opioid Addiction

The best care

What to expect on Phoenix Integrated Health.


  • Meet with caring staff 

  • Knowledgeable Medical Team

  • Work with counselor to develop individualize treatment plan

  • Peer supporters with live experience.

Expectations for Advancement in the MAT Phase System


  • The purpose of medication is to manage withdraw symptoms associated with opiate addiction. While Individual actively participate in treatment.


  • Part of Recovery is being fiscally responsible.


  • Attend all treatment sessions and participate.

Complete assignments and work on treatment goals and objectives.

Please remember to call if not able to attend any treatment session or if you will be late.


  • No opioid use, prescribed or otherwise, unless you speak with the doctor beforehand and/or provide a doctor’s note.


  • No use of alcohol, illicit drugs or non-prescribed medications, including marijuana.


  • Take buprenorphine only as prescribed.


  • Urine drug screens confirm abstinence from all non-prescribed substances. Be prepared to give a sample if asked.


  • Safeguarding your medications is your responsibility. There will be no early refills for any reason.


  • Do not interfere with another’s recovery in any way. 

No selling or diverting medication.

No misuse of medications.


  • Respect privacy and confidentiality of all group members.


Medication-assisted treatment carries with it inherent risks when combined with the use of other drugs. Therefore, we ask that you give an honest reporting of all your substance use.

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