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Suboxone Clinics

What Are the Benefits of Suboxone Treatment in Ohio?

If you have a loved one who is seeking an addiction treatment center for opioids or narcotics, you may have seen, read or heard about suboxone clinics. Suboxone treatment in Ohio is one of the top treatment methods for overcoming addiction to highly addictive substances, such as narcotics and opioids. However, many people have questions and concerns about this type of treatment. Learning the benefits associated with it can help you determine if it is right for you or a loved one. Here are some of the benefits.

Suboxone Makes Withdrawal Significantly Easier

One of the benefits associated with finding an addiction treatment center that offers suboxone is that suboxone is a prescription medication that helps to make the withdrawal stage significantly easier on the person detoxing. Suboxone is used to taper your loved one off of drugs, ensuring they do not go through the full stage of withdrawal, as they are slowly and gradually detoxing the drugs out of their system, instead of doing it cold turkey, all at once. This helps to ease shaking, sweating, headaches and cravings.

Suboxone Treatment Increases Recovery Rates

Another major benefit associated with suboxone clinics that offer suboxone treatment is that this type of treatment drastically increases the chances that you or your loved one will be successful in your recovery. Those who were weaned off of drugs with suboxone have a higher success rate compared to those who are left to come off of the drugs cold turkey. You want to succeed or you want your loved one to succeed, and suboxone helps to give the patient the best possible chance at detoxing and kicking the drugs.

Suboxone Has a Ceiling Effect

The final benefit associated with suboxone treatment in Ohio is that suboxone has a ceiling effect associated with it. There are some other prescription drugs that can be used to help wean a drug addict off of the drugs. However, those drugs often make a person feel high. Suboxone has a ceiling effect that reduces the ceiling for feeling these effects. Taking the prescribed dosage will not cause your loved one to feel high or intoxicated, which helps to decrease the risk of them replacing their dependency on drugs with suboxone instead, which is a common concern when using drugs to treat drug addiction.

If you or a loved one are looking for an addiction treatment center that offers suboxone treatment in Ohio, Phoenix Integrated Health can assist you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our suboxone treatment program and if it may be right for you or a loved one working to overcome their addictions.

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