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Suboxone Abuse

Frequently Asked Questions About Suboxone Treatment and Suboxone Abuse

If you are dealing with a narcotics or opioid addiction, an Ohio suboxone doctor may offer suboxone treatment to help you cope with your withdrawals and ease off of the drugs you are on. This can be beneficial, but unfortunately, some addicts develop suboxone abuse and overuse those drugs and become addicted. If you have a loved one who may need suboxone treatment or who is abusing this drug, here are a few questions that you may have, as well as the answers.

What is Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone treatment involves the use of suboxone medication. This treatment can help those who are suffering from narcotic or opioid addiction, as it can help to decrease withdrawals from these drugs. This medication helps to slowly ease you off of these drugs, ensuring the withdrawals are not horrible, something that causes many people to rethink their recovery decisions and go back to using. Ideally, suboxone is prescribed and then slowly tapered off, helping you to come off of drugs and the suboxone in a safe and easy manner.

What is Suboxone Abuse?

Suboxone taken in high dosages can mimic the effects of many narcotic or opioid drugs. You may feel numb or have a decrease in the pain you are feeling. While suboxone is designed to help people recover, some people trade their narcotic or opioid drug addiction for a suboxone addiction or abuse this drug. People who begin to abuse the drug, take more than they should or become addicted to it, need to seek out drug treatment to slowly ease off of the medication without becoming ill.

What Should You Look For in an Ohio Suboxone Doctor?

When you are looking for an Ohio suboxone doctor, you will want to look at how much experience they have working with this medication. You will want to also ask if most of their experience comes from using the medication to wean people off of drugs or whether they work with addicts addicted to this drug, or a mix of the two. You want to find a great doctor who can ultimately help you use this drug to ease off of other drugs or ease your way off of any abusive tendencies you have developed with this prescription medication.

Whether you are looking for an Ohio suboxone doctor who can help you with suboxone treatment or suboxone abuse, Phoenix Integrated Health is here to assist you. We can help you in your recovery and put together the best treatment plan for your needs. Reach out to us today and let's find the best way for you to recover from your addictions.

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