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School-Based Mental Health Services

Comprehensive School Mental Health Programs

Provide a full array of services at three tiers:

  •  Universal mental health promotion for all students.

  •  Selective services for students identified as at risk for a mental health concern or problem.

  •  Indicated services for individual students who already display a mental health concern or           problems.

  •  School and community partners join together to form a student intervention team.

  • The team meets regularly to discuss and plan interventions for students that have been      referred for school mental health services. 

  • Together the team develops an intervention plan for the student.

  • The team ensures individual tasks are designated to ensure care coordination, treatment and follow up care is provided for the student and their family.

  • The team provides oversight for the full intervention process.

Build on planned, purposeful partnerships between schools and community systems.

Use evidence-based practices to the extent possible and work to address quality improvement.

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