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Phoenix's House Rules

Each resident of Phoenix’s Therapeutic Recovery Housing has rights that the facility staff will safeguard during your stay. You have a right to:

  1. Phoenix’s Therapeutic Recovery Housing in an environment that supports your recovery.

  2. Be free from verbal and physical abuse.

  3. Be treated with dignity and respect.

  4. Choose your recovery goals.

  5. Participate actively in your recovery.

  6. Expect required services to occur during scheduled times and at designated locations.

  7. Expect reasonable continuity of care, which includes schedules of services and at what times staff and services are available.

  8. Be given information regarding informed consent prior to the start of your stay.

  9. Receive information regarding cost.

  10. Be informed of the costs, potential benefits, and potential negative consequences of participating in this program.

  11. Confidential records that are accessible only to designated staff and which can be released to others outside of Phoenix’s Therapeutic Recovery Housing only with your written permission except as allowed by state and federal law.

  12. Be referred to subsequent services upon leaving or transfer from this facility.

  13. Retain personal property that does not jeopardize your or others’ safety or health.

  14. Receive and send unopened mail. I will always open received mail in the presence of a staff member when requested.

  15. Be seen by a private physician with the understanding that all costs will be the responsibility of the resident.

  16. File a complaint to the Director without fear of retaliation and to have the complaint investigated within a reasonable amount of time.

  17. Be fully informed before changes occur in these rights and responsibilities as well as changes to Phoenix’s Therapeutic Recovery Housing Program’ policies, procedures, program components and schedule.

  18. Know the qualifications of the staff involved in your care.

  19. Refuse to stay and to be informed of the consequences of this action

  20. Request referral resources in the event of my dismissal from Hope Homes..

  21. Not to be required to perform services for Phoenix's Housing, which are not included in the usual expectations of all residents

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