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Drug Court and MAT (Medical Assistant Treatment)

Linking drug courts with MAT programs will create the synergy necessary to allow an opiate addict to access proper patient care with the help of court-ordered treatment.  Patients with court-ordered treatment and a treatment plan mandated by a judge have more favorable outcomes when the plan includes an approved MAT program where medication and counseling are provided to the inmate.  Collaboration between the court system and a recovery center will enhance patient recovery.  If court mandated guidelines are followed, positive outcomes result.  

Phoenix Integrated Health is proposing transparency between the courts and the recovery center . The access to information between each patient, the court and the recovery center, will be transparent, so that the judge or the probation officer may access the treatment plan and progress made by the individual.  Transparency is important, so in real time we can adjust or change treatment protocol depending on the patient’s willingness to abide to rules established by the court.  The recovery center provides a support system to ensure that the individual has the right resources available with medication and counseling to make a full recovery and return to productively participating in society.


Treatment Plan:

  • Phoenix Recovery Center will set up a web log-in to the patient’s files, so all medical treatment notes can be seen by the courts.

  • A Drug screen will be completed as part of every patient visit.

  • Drug confirmation will be completed at every patient visit to verify the existence of any other medications in the patient’s system. 

  • Phoenix Integrated Health will assign a point of contact for the court to handle all questions.

  • Phoenix Integrated Health will create a model for use by other facilities and county agencies.

Phoenix Integrated Health will provide vocational counseling and social workers to help patients transition back to productive living.

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