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Criteria for Sober Living Homes


  1. You must be sober for a minimum of thirty days (but we prefer longer).

  2. The client must have Medicaid, or if the courts are willing to pay for treatment at a cost of _____ per diem, a MOA must be completed prior to the client coming into the home.

  3. The client needs complete either a Diagnostic Assessment or an Updated Assessment.

  4. Treatment Plan needs to be updated to reflect intensive outpatient treatment and Sober Living.

  5. Criteria for placement into Sober Living is based on the ASAM Level of Care.

  6. The client must be willing and able to live in a shared living environment and live cooperatively with others.

  7. The client must be willing to participate in intensive outpatient treatment, which consists of 9 hours or more of treatment weekly (groups, individual counseling, case management, living skills, employment skills, MAT, psych services, peer recovery support, etc.).

  8. If the client is on probation/parole or involved with CPS, he/she must complete a Release of Information, so that we can communicate with these entities regarding program adherence, client behavior, attendance concerns at treatment, MAT dosage and changes, medication changes, progress reports, referral decisions, drug test results, discharge planning, any social network concerns, and decisions to terminate housing and/or treatment.

  9. Families and/or support will not be able to visit for the first two weeks of treatment. The family or support member must be willing to participate in a Family Education Group.

  10. The client must be willing to either apply for food assistance or have their support system give them money to purchase food.

  11. The client must be willing to get a PO Box or have an alternative address for their mail to be sent.

  12. The client cannot be registered as a sex offender.

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